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Model: ΑΜΥ-002
Self-fertile variety developed by the CEBAS-CSIC Institute in Murcia, Spain. The special feature of the variety is the very late flowering, ideal for areas with late frosts. The tree has very good growth, side-branching behavior and is resistant to diseases. The fruit has a hard shell and a kernell ..
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Almond Sapling Makako (patent protected) Almond Sapling Makako (patent protected)
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Model: ΑΜΥ-003
Self-fertile variety from the CEBAS-CSIC Institute in Murcia, Spain. Suitable variety for mountainous areas. It is also suitable for areas with late frosts as it has a very late flowering. The tree is vigorous with semi-upright branching behavior. It has an attractive and very tasty fruit, with a ke..
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Walnut Sapling Chandler Walnut Sapling Chandler
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Model: ΚΑΡ-001
A very famous variety of walnut, Chandler is one of the leading commercial varieties. The variety produces fruits of medium size, of excellent quality with an oval shape and a fairly smooth surface. Excellent core color, 90% off-white, with good flavor.Tree of moderate vigor and very productive.Mid ..
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Model: ΦΟΥ-001
Tonda di Giffoni is an Italian variety of very ancient origin, grown in the province of Salerno (Naples area) and has relatively low chilling requirements. This variety is very productive, while the nuts are quite large. The fruits are round, brown in color with a distinct stripe and very pronounced..
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Model: ΦΥΣ-001
Pistachio seedling grafted on tradiotional rootstock. The tree acquires a medium to large size and side-branching behavior. Harvest time end of August. The fruit is of high quality with excellent taste characteristics and characteristic color when ripe. Non-self-fertile variety, requires pollination..
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Model: ΑΜΥ-001
Self-fertile variety originating from the Spanish institute IRTA in Catalonia. Late flowering season, suitable for areas with late frosts. The tree has semi-upright growth and high productivity with a kernell percentage of over 30%. Harvest time in early September...
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