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geo Albina - Calcium Foliar

geo Albina - Calcium Foliar
geo Albina - Calcium Foliar
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geo Albina - Calcium Foliar Formulation

Unique LoCal technology from the research organization LEVITY Crop Science. Rapid absorption and assimilation of calcium (Ca) in the fruits and plant organs that need it.

Calcium is one of the most important trace elements for plant growth as:

  • it strengthens the cell walls protecting them from infections
  • it gives firmness to the fruits
  • it is necessary for cell division
  • it protects against abiotic stress (very low or very high temperatures)

Calcium absorption is mainly based on the presence of certain hormones within the plant. The innovative technology of geo Albina allows the absorption of calcium regardless of the presence of hormones, allowing better and bigger yields. Thus, calcium is pushed to the parts of the plant where conventional fertilizers cannot reach.

100-200 mL per 100 liters of water