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Mulberry Sapling Mulberry Sapling
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Model: ΜΟΥ-001
The mulberry is an ornamental and fruitful tree, of fast growth. It produces edible fruits of white, pink or red color and high nutritional value that are considered super food. It is also suitable for shading and hedges and is extremely resistant to atmospheric pollution. It grows in all soils and ..
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Model: ΡΟΔΙ-003
The most well-known and planted variety of pomegranate. It produces very large fruits. The skin is completely red and the grains are ruby red. The grains are very juicy, with a very bright red and sweet and sour taste.Strong tree, fast fruiting.Excellent pomegranate in caliber: from large to very la..
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Model: ΡΟΔΙ-002
Pomegranate variety of Asian origin. This variety produces fruits of medium to very large size and are colorful. Its grains are intense in color, and although they are small, they are rich in juice. Its taste is slightly bitter-sour. Good post-harvest behaviour.Parafianca pomegranates reach medium t..
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Model: ΡΟΔΙ-001
Pomegranate variety of Israeli origin. Acco produces medium-large sized fruits, colorful both externally and internally. Its grains are rosy red, juicy and pleasant with a sweet taste.ACCO pomegranates are very large, round in shape and its skin is bright red in color all over.Early ripening time be..
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Model: ΦΟΥ-001
Tonda di Giffoni is an Italian variety of very ancient origin, grown in the province of Salerno (Naples area) and has relatively low chilling requirements. This variety is very productive, while the nuts are quite large. The fruits are round, brown in color with a distinct stripe and very pronounced..
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Model: ΒΑΤ-001
Loch Ness is a thornless variety of blackberry. Good productivity and large fruit size, easy to harvest. Loch Ness is suitable for both fresh produce and processed fruit.Great vigor and upright behavior.Average ripening time, fairly large harvest due to the slow ripening of the fruits.Large blackber..
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Model: ΜΥΡ-002
Πρόκειται για αμερικανική ποικιλία μύρτιλου με πολύ μεγάλο μέγεθος καρπού για το συγκεκριμένο είδος. Ο χρόνος ωρίμανσης είναι όψιμος και συμπυκνωμένος σε μικρή περίοδο. Η ποικιλία Elliot έχει πολύ υψηλή παραγωγικότητα, πολύ καλή γεύση και είναι ελαφρώς αρωματική...
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Model: ΜΥΡ-001
Η κορυφαία πρώιμη ποικιλία γιγαντιαίων μύρτιλων . Ύψος φυτού 0,3 m. Είναι γνωστό για την αντοχή του στο κρύο, τις υψηλές αποδόσεις φρούτων ομοιόμορφου μεγέθους, ποιότητας και γεύσης...
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